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BridgeStation (FSW IT Solutions)

Stand A07

BridgeStation is the complete asset management tool for bridges and structures. BridgeStation can manage your: • Inventory – Record structure details, specify elements and detail routes/obstacles • Performance – Schedule inspections, manage load capacity and log defects • Reporting – Calculate BCI conditions, design reports and view GIS mapping • Modelling – Create life cycle plans, value your assets and prioritise maintenance. The system is cloud-based and can be accessed from site or from the office - wherever you have an internet connection you can access BridgeStation. www.bridgestation.co.uk

BridgeStation is used by the London boroughs, TfL and a number of other U.K authorities to manage their structure and bridges stocks.

To deliver the solution FSW maintains a database server and a file server. Each new installation of BridgeStation gets its own unique database. FSW publish a website to the internet where users can access the application. BridgeStation users require only a PC with an internet connection and a browser installed to access the system. As such the system can be used at home, at satellite offices and by consultants at their offices.

Credentials are issued to users who wish to access the system, and permissions can be specified for each user to restrict certain functions of the system. BridgeStation Web Edition is a cloud-based solution and as such has the following benefits: 1. Accessible - anywhere you have an internet connection 2. Ease of update - new features are released centrally to all subscribers 3. Shared resources – subscribers keep costs down to sharing hardware and only paying for what they need

BridgeStation Web Edition is a full-featured BMS with several advanced modules. The main features (modules) of BridgeStation include: Structure Inventory and elements File and documents Inspection Management including risk based inspections and an inspection signoff process BCI and BCS Condition Calculations Maintenance Management (Defects) Restrictions Load Capacity Management Incidents and Events Standard Reports Reports Builder GIS Map Themes Asset Valuation Life Cycle Plans (Structures Asset Management Toolkit) Maintenance Prioritisation Management of Sub-Standard Structures

To implement BridgeStation Web Edition for the authority, there is broadly only one step that needs to be taken. Being a hosted, web-based system a website can easily be created for the authority at a URL such as https://www.bridgestation.co.uk/clientname. From here the major implementation work needed is to migrate the existing data from the authority’s existing systems.

Contact Details

Jonathan Wheatley
Bridge Station


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BridgeStation Web Edition is web-based bridge management system (BMS) used by the London boroughs, TfL and a number of other U.K authorities to manage their structure and bridges stocks.