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Stand E05

Concrete Preservation Technologies researches and develops new technologies for the assessment, treatment and monitoring of reinforced concrete structures. As a UK based company we are proud to export our innovative solutions throughout the world. Our powerful DuoGuard (Hybrid) system is cutting edge electro-chemical technology and stops reinforcing steel corrosion caused by chloride contamination and carbonation for periods in excess of 25 years. Requiring no permanent power source or expensive control equipment, the system delivers long term reliability and major life-cost benefits. CPT works closely with clients to assess corrosion affected structures and design solutions to significantly extend life.”

Contact Details

Martin Davison


  • DuoGuard "Hybrid" Anode (472.21 KiB)

    The DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode – World Leading Technology Manufactured in the UK.

    Our unique DuoGuard range of discrete anodes features innovative dual technology to arrest steel reinforcement corrosion within 7 days. DuoGuard™ is installed into concrete structures to stop reinforcing steel corrosion caused by chloride salts and carbonation. It can be used to protect contaminated but unspalled concrete saving the time and cost of replacing the concrete material. With a long system lifetime, the DuoGuard™ anode provides a cost effective, maintenance free method of corrosion protection.

  • PatchGuard Sacrificial Anode (406.81 KiB)

    PatchGuard™ counters corrosion adjacent to the patch following patch repair in steel reinforced concrete structures but unlike traditional sacrificial anodes it is installed at the perimeter of the patch repair into the parent concrete. This significantly improves the ionic current flow from the anode through the concrete material as the parent concrete is less resistive compared to repair mortars, making the PatchGuard™ anode more efficient than traditional sacrificial anodes.