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Cintec International Ltd

Stand D07

The patented structural anchoring system provided by Cintec is designed to provide permanent and economical strengthening, repair and stabilizing solutions for masonry structures and buildings alike. Archtec provides a complete turnkey package to bridge owners whereby the complete design and installation process is undertaken by Cintec to upgrade the load capacity of existing masonry arch bridges, parapet and retaining walls and sea defences.

Cintec International Ltd based in Newport, South Wales in the UK has been engaged in the structural stabilisation of buildings for over 30 years. This provides unparalleled experience and expertise in the structural stabilisation, repair and conservation of World Heritage Sites, Ancient Monuments, Grade 1 and 2* listed buildings and other historically important buildings and structures.

Whether the goal is to solve an existing problem or to prevent future ones, the Cintec anchoring system can prevent failure from many types of peril: fire, earthquakes, freeze-thaw cycles and weathering. Its versatility shines in applications for anything from residential high-rises and industrial plants—including nuclear power stations—to institutional buildings and heritage jewels. Customised design solutions, often in combination for a single project, can include stabilising chimneys, repairing vertical shear and subsidence cracks, to a complete holistic solution for an entire structure. With its track record of preserving historical landmarks across the globe, the firm has maintained structures including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle as well as numerous castles and churches in the UK. It has also been involved working on The White House complex in Washington DC and the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Cintec uses innovative methods to protect threatened historic buildings, which are individually designed by engineers for each specific project thereby ensuring the most effective and economic solution is provided. With offices in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia and working partnerships in Egypt and China, the company is able to respond to any structural challenge throughout the world.

Contact Details

John Brooks
Cintec International Ltd


Cintec International





Rehabilitation of Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, Washington D.C.

Archtec design and install system for masonry arch strengthening to 40/44 tonnes

PARATEC: The use of retro-fitted CINTEC reinforcement anchors into masonry PARAPET walls

The Cintec Parapet wall strengthening system testing.